Summer Quarterly 2014 – 2015

Summer_quarterly_imgWith each passing year spring feels more and more like it’s over before it’s even really begun. But summer is here again and with the temperatures having already soared in November it could be a long, hot few months ahead.So with that in mind it’s important to make sure that not only you’re prepared for it but your garden is as well!

Water, fertiliser, mulch. In no particular order just as long as you’re helping your trees and shrubs through the summer months with these key ingredients. Even the most basic of care doesn’t have to be a chore and you can certainly make your life a little bit easier with some planning and regular maintenance.

summer_quarterlyimg2With plant growth increasing exponentially it becomes even more important to keep everything well nourished. Little and often is the way to go with most fertilisersto avoid killing them with your kindness. Seaweed and fish emulsion applied every fortnightwill also stimulate healthy root development and overall well-being.

And if you have one installed, an irrigation system can save you the trouble of watering by hand. A drip irrigation system set up on a timer is a great asset, especially in summer. Set and forget, but make sure you conduct some routine maintenance to check the drippers haven’t clogged and the water is being directed to the rightareas. Flushingout an existing systemright about now is also a good idea to clear away debris and to check for any leaks.

summer_quarterlyimg3Mulch is particularly vital for retaining moisture in your garden beds so make sure you top it up several times over the summer if and when it starts to wear thin. There are numerous types to choose from so once again choose what is best suited and if you’re unsure then just ask an expert for some advice.

Summer also brings out more garden pests and diseases, which are rife in the hot weather. Turn your back for a few days and you could return to find some new residents have moved in –and not all of them good! It’s wise to be prepared for such events with an arsenal that includes a good horticultural oil, some sort of general fungicide and maybe a pyrethrum-type spray that should cover most problems that arise.

summer_quarterlyimg4And lastly don’t let your pots get too dry. In particular plants in terracotta pots tend to dry out pretty quickly if they get a bit of sun on them. Any compost that doesn’t take up water (hydrophobic) just dunk them in a bucket of water for a few hours. A wetting agent is also handy and a splash of seaweed solution while you’re at it can’t hurt either.

But what about you? You should be out there enjoying what your garden has to offer this summer. A nice paved area in the shade where you can put your feet up with a cold drink or two. A sunny spot where you can enjoy a BBQ with family and friends or a nicely laid deck for you to entertain on –everyone should have an outside area that feels like an extra room to the house. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a warm summer evening spent outside so make sure you’re set up to maximise every moment of it!

Spend some time relaxing in your garden this summer and have a great Christmas and New Year!

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