Autumn News 2016

AutumnNews2016-1Autumn is one of the best times of the year to give your garden and outdoor spaces the complete, or partial, overhaul it might desperately need. In actual fact, autumn is a good time of year to tackle almost anything that is garden related –provided this residual summer heat doesn’t hang around for much longer!

Let’s face it; your outdoor spaces may (or may not) have been looking incredibly smart for a number of years up to this point. But even so, after all the time spent at the mercy of the harsh Australian elements, nearly every garden will become tired and worn out at some stage in their lives. Even a cutting edge garden will still need a bit of a spruce up every few years.

And whilst a complete overhaul may not be what is required, months and years of your own practical observations may have left you with a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t work in your outdoor spaces.

AutumnNews2016-2You might feel certain crucial elements are missing from your garden, like a more expansive deck or some functional paving. Maybe the summer heat has beaten you and you’ve decided a comfortable shaded area, in order to escape those hot summer days, is the next item on your wish list. Whatever you may have decided upon, autumn is as good time as any to make these ideas become a reality.

That being said, maybe you have no idea at all what you want in your garden! You just know it’s either not working or is lacking a certain avant-garde quality. An overall garden plan can take time to work itself out, but in the meantime you can always make a start on it by listing all the items you’d like to have included in your perfect outdoor living space.

Those of you who already have the perfect garden aren’t let off the hook so easily however. Garden maintenance doesn’t take a backseat in autumn. If anything, it becomes supercharged with all the summer leftovers and the inevitable autumn leaf drop that’s about to occur. Beautiful as those leaf colours may be, let’s face it, they are a pain in the neck to rake up. This is the time of year where a leaf-blower really does come in handy!

AutumnNews2016-4Now that the summer heat has gone (or is supposed to have gone) your lawn (or lack of) can be seen to. A new lawn laid over the next month or two will have just enough time to establish before winter. Existing lawns can benefit from an aerating (poking holes in it with a fork) and a formulated autumn feed. Top-dressing can also be carried out now before winter sets in, but remember not to spread it on too thick and to leave just enough grass poking through.

And finally, after a summer of whisking the hose around from shrub to shrub you might have decided an irrigation system is sorely needed before next spring. They really are a valuable asset, noted time-saver and, most importantly of all, very easy to install in practically any garden.

So think of autumn as a time of garden reflection and one of future planning. Enjoy your outdoor spaces or change them so you do!

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