Autumn News 2015

autumn-news2015A wet end to summer is perhaps not for everyone but rest assured your garden will certainly have loved every minute of it –especially your lawn. But with autumn now upon us it’s important to remember what an important period for your garden it actually is, as your trees and shrubs (and ourselves) prepare for the onset of winter.

Apart from all that it’s also a brilliant time to be outdoors! Not least for the changing colours on offer but also for the respite we all usually get from that summer heat –although the nice sunny weather did seem patchy at best this year!

autumn-news2015img2But, take it easy, there’s no real rush to get things done with plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself over the next few months and still come out on top. Sure, there’s a bit of tidying up to be done, hedges that probably need clipping and plenty of summer growth to tackle (hopefully); but believe me the garden will start to wind down and become much more manageable as winter approaches.

And don’t think of it all as just work. Think of it more like you’re enjoying what beauty nature and the outdoors have to offer –you’re just doing it with your secateurs in your pocket and a mug of tea/coffee in your hand! And if you do happen to think of spending all that time out in the garden as ‘work’, or it just seems a bit overwhelming, then we can certainly help you out.

Autumn is a pretty good season for just about any sort of work you need to do in the garden. Hard landscaping like paving, decking, retaining walls and other striking garden features can be well in place by the time winter rolls along –as can any new trees and shrubs you might choose to add to your borders. Also with the soil still warm it’s a great time to transplant any evergreen trees you might want moved.

autumn-news2015img3The lawn could also do with a bit of maintenance in autumn after a summer of kids and dogs and not to mention a fair dose of the rain we’ve all had of late. Aerating and feeding with a low nitrogen autumn fertiliser and perhaps some top-dressing in parts will have your lawn well on its way towards next spring.

In addition to your lawn feeling exhausted from a long summer, your garden beds and borders may also be feeling the pinch. Digging in some organic matter in autumn can help replenish nutrients and give everything a bit of a boost before it all starts to wind down over the winter months.

So, whilst it might be tempting to let the garden stagger and droop its way into winter, autumn maintenance is actually very important. With good maintenance comes a healthy garden and remember everything you tackle now and over the next few months will probably leave you with less of a mess come spring!


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