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Welcome to Garden Estate Landscaping

Garden Estate Landscaping has a reputation for excellence that is built on the hard work of an experienced and talented team of landscape architects, designers and builders.

Our reputation for quality has become one of the hallmarks of our continued success and is the reason why Garden Estate Landscaping remains synonymous with leading garden design and quality construction.

The living, breathing success of our gardens and outdoor living spaces comes down to our personal approach that is honed by experience and delivered with precision and expertise.

We share your vision for beautiful gardens and functional outdoor spaces.


Design begins with appreciating the client’s requirements, including creating functionality while ensuring that the aesthetics of the


In the construction phase we’ll take our ideas and make them a reality. Using the highest quality materials and plants along


All gardens whether they are newly constructed or well established benefit from regular attention and maintenance.
Autumn News 2016

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to give your garden and outdoor spaces the complete, or partial, overhaul it might desperately need.

Summer News 2015

It’s hard to avoid all the usual garden advice at this time of year –of which the majority will almost certainly be to mulch, feed and water against the summer heat.

Spring News 2015

A few days of rain to start off spring, whilst disappointing to some, is just what the (garden) doctor ordered after a relatively dry August.